Wondering how Game of Thrones will end? So were we! For a Boston University TV course, students wrote six full scripts for season 8, cast New York and Boston actors, then live-streamed a staged reading worldwide in April 2018. HBO sent us the Iron Throne! Fans cheered, cried, and called us brutal for making heartbreaking, character-driven decisions about who lives and who dies. Now you can binge-watch our vision for the final season, read the annotated scripts, and go behind the scenes with our inclusive writers, director, cast, and showrunner. Welcome to Game of Thrones: The Virtual Final Season. For updates, including scripts for all six episodes, sign up at bit.ly/GoT_VFS.

Our production is the culmination of a Boston University Department of Film & Television course about HBO’s mega-hit TV series. A veteran TV writer/producer created the course and led nine BU TV writers through a writers room experience. In less than 12 weeks, they created their vision for a final Game of Thrones season. They broke and wrote six complete scripts for a six-episode season arc, then cast compelling actors for a staged reading.

The talented BUTV10 production team executed an impressive live two-day show. We invite you watch all six episodes of the staged reading on our site; they’re available free of charge. Each episode runs about an hour.

You can also read all six spec scripts on our site. (The script for 801 is available now. The other scripts will be released in the coming days, so keep checking back.) The writers went to great lengths to create satisfying, logical outcomes that complement the novels and the show. Each script is annotated to share insight and context from the show’s seven seasons and George R. R. Martin’s novels, short stories, and reference books.

Here’s a short behind-the-scenes look with several of our writers courtesy of Efrain Hernandez (@EfrainIsFrank):

Our event launched a brand-new Boston University arts space (formerly the Art Institute of Boston) at 700 Beacon Street near Fenway Park. Our interactive exhibit featured great photo opportunities, including: 

  • the Iron Throne, courtesy of HBO;
  • dramatic wall coverings featuring Winterfell, a weirwood tree, and the Night’s Watch oath, courtesy of the Loews Boston Hotel; 
  • intricate Game of Thrones 3-D pop up cards, courtesy of Lovepop; 
  • a hand-sculpted Game of Thrones cake, courtesy of Oakleaf Cakes; and
  • stunning limited-edition poster art, courtesy of Nikittysan.

We projected the live performances from the upstairs theater to the 100-seat gallery viewing area.